Game Time Evolution Postmortem

Ludum Dare weekend is long over (but there are still games to play and rate!). Here is a quick postmortem of my game, Game Time Evolution:

What went right:

I worked hard on the story, and I think I hit a good balance between humor and information. Usually I end up tacking some ‘story’ on the end of my games, especially jam games.

I got decent art done. Of course, it helps that the game begins during the time of much older game systems with more limited graphics. šŸ˜‰

The level design works well.

People have told me that the game is fun.

What went wrong:

There is no music. Maybe next time.

I ran out of time to implement new features, such as graphics slowly improving over time.

There are only five levels (see the above point)

There are bugs, discovered after the event ended.

But I had fun

That’s the important thing. I had fun making the game, and I hope people have fun playing it. Speaking of which, there is a post-compo version available with bug fixes and new levels. The game is also on Kongregate, so I would appreciate it if you rated it there. šŸ™‚


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