7DRL2014 Progress Report 2

7DRL and Procedural Death Jam are half over! At my current rate of work, I think I can finish Commission Impossible just in time.

Combat is partially done, so the player can now kill enemies (who can’t fight back yet). Real-time mode works at a basic level, but I still need to make switching back to turnbased-mode work correctly. The player can switch active/inactive weapons now. The HUD/UI is done, except for the messages that will appear to describe what is happening. I’ve also almost finished the title and menus. And check out that player name…

Status!My next steps will be to add AI for the enemies, and let them fight the player. I’ll also make sure the enemies will work correctly in real-time mode, and make switching between modes work correctly. Then I’ll finish the menus and story. After that I still need to add messages, the ability to save/load and a lot of other action for the player to take.

And if I have time, maybe add music and look on OpenGameArt for suitable graphics.


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