My Games:

<These are roughly in (reverse) chronological order>


A simple but intense action avoiding game. Survive as long as you can! Also my first game available on Android!


Game Developer Life

A minimalist, art-ish, not-game made for miniLD 37. Explore the harsher side of game development reality!

Game Time Evolution(Kongregate)

A platformer originally made for Ludum Dare 24. Go back in time with the help of a crazy professor to save game systems!


A small game I made in the five days up until my 18th birthday. Shoot your candles at birthday-invading evil creatures!


A randomly-generated space shooter, featuring a cat in a spaceship!

99 Keys

A one-button game about collecting keys. Features sounds made by my mouth.


A game I made to protest SOPA back when it was a threat. A twin-stick shooter featuring a robot.


Yes, you can use ‘magical’ spraypaint to ‘improve’ buildings.


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