Results of a sale

The Interesting Sale is over, and the results are…not unexpected, but perhaps interesting to someone reading this.

By the end of the sale the number of people who downloaded the free version of B1T DR0P increased by 1, and the number of people who bought the full game increased by 2. Most people would call this a failure, however, I’m calling it a partial success.

B1T DR0P is a rather niche game. Over 40 people visited the post I made about the sale, and 2 people bought the game. That’s 5% conversion. Not bad for a game by a single developer without a previous major hit!

The other reason I don’t think the sale was a failure is that more people are playing the game. I’m quite proud of the game, and am glad that more people are now able to enjoy it.

My advice to anyone else in a similar situation: Don’t make a game that is targeted toward a small demographic, or if you really want to do that, don’t give up! The more you make, the better you will become, and there will be more opportunities for people to enjoy your work.


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I make and play games.
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