The Interesting Sale

I’m going to try something different. Starting tonight, when B1T DR0P is updated (It’s started!), the paid version will be on sale for 50% off (the free version will still be free of course). So what’s interesting about this? The length of the sale will be determined by the number of purchases.

A single purchase will extend the sale by 4 hours, and so the total length of the sale will be:

24 hours + (purchases * 4 hours) + (the time Google Play takes to return to the pre-sale price)

At the end of the sale, I will give full statistics on the number of purchases, when they occurred, and anything else that seems interesting. This will give you a look into the success (or lack of success) of a niche game from a small developer.

Do you want more? Alright, here’s a deal: If B1T DR0P makes 20 or more sales at the discounted price, another game of mine (Avoider) will be made free. Forever. For you. For your friends. For everyone who wants to play it.


About jacobwgames

I make and play games.
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