Domino Dungeons Prerelease

It’s finally here! This is not a joke! Domino Dungeons is finally here! Sort of. This is actually a pre-release version of the rules. I’m looking for any and all feedback/constructive criticism, so let me know what you love/hate about the game, and the rules themselves!

Enough talk. You probably want a link. Here it is, waiting for you and possibly one friend to play it. (EDIT: Version is now .92)

Are you still here? I guess I should explain a little more. Domino Dungeons is a physical roguelike game made using dominoes. It keeps the randomness and difficulty of a roguelike, and brings things to a whole new dimension: “The Real World”.

“Dominoes, you say?” you might be asking. “How much fun could it be?” Well, these aren’t normal dominoes- “Then why do you expect people to have these dominoes to be able to play your game!?” I don’t. Included in the rulebook printable pieces are provided for playing. Use these if you don’t have the right dominoes (I expect no one else does). “But those pieces will be made of paper! I want dominoes!” Well, you could always suggest some way for me to provide a physical edition of this game. That was one of my goals in the beginning. If you know of any board game publishers who owe you a favor, or even just have a lot of wood and paint, please let me know!

Now play the game already! That’s what it’s there for! (And don’t forget to give feedback!)


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