Domino Dungeons Preview

This is a sneak peek at my latest (possibly greatest, but who knows?) game. The big news is that this is the first ‘real’ physical game I will have made. I’m sure almost everyone has made their own rules for Monopoly, Risk, or some other game. I have too. But this time, the game is entirely my own. The medium is: dominoes.


Above you can see the hp and strength markers at the top, as well as the three classes (left to right: rogue, fighter, wizard). Each class has its own quirks, such as the number of spaces it can move, or how character generation happens.

IMG_0254This is the stairs tile, which leads down to the next floor of the dungeon. It is placed after a certain number of dominoes (which make up the dungeon) are placed.

IMG_0255These are the dominoes I’m using for this prototype. From top to bottom: red, blue, green (the camera doesn’t have low-light vision), orange, purple, and yellow. You also probably noticed that these dominoes have a number of pips ranging from zero to nine. This is what will allow various strengths of monsters and traps.

Depending on how fun the prototype manages to be when it’s finished (it’s quite fun now!), I may make ‘professional’ kits by ordering dominoes and boxing them with a physical rulebook. I doubt this will be popular enough to do that, but I’d like to be proven wrong! In either case, the rulebook will be posted online as a pdf for free. If you have enough pieces you can differentiate between, you can still play. However, you’d most likely lose the extreme portability of something like a set of dominoes.

So that’s it. Tell me what you think about the idea, and what you would like to see in a game like this. All feedback is appreciated!


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