#1GAM February Update

February, the shortest month (and thus the most difficult for 1GAM) is now over. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make two games this past month. So how did I do? Let’s see:

Power Defense – Started and stopped early on, I managed to finish this for #1GAMCRUNCH. Take on the role of a power company trying to make a profit in this ‘rhythm’ ‘tower defense’!

Games made: 1

Conquest of the Free – Originally made for January’s #1GAMCRUNCH, I made this game look good and finished it. Also, the difficulty is slightly more balanced in that your movement speed is based on your current hp. Help an evil overlord rule the planet he covets! Be prepared for a difficult challenge, including two bosses! Also features voice acting and cheat codes! (enter cheat codes on the title screen) Wondering what the cheat codes are? You probably already know one of them. 😉 Maybe if you ask nicely…

Games made: 2

Well, I did it. Just barely, but I did it. March has started, and I’ve already started a new game project, this time a physical one involving dominoes. And of course I’ll be doing 7DRL as well. And the February #1GAMCRUNCH. So that could be three games, if I can pull it off! Good luck to everyone else making one game a month! I hope you’re all having as much fun as I am!


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I make and play games.
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