#1GAM January postmortem

When I joined the One Game A Month challenge, I knew it would be difficult. It is a challenge after all. I made my game, and was happy. But…I felt it could have been more of a challenge. The solution? Make TWO games every month!

Wait, TWO games every month? Isn’t that a little…insane? Yes, yes it is. Fortunately, I did it. Here’s a break down of the month.

Mr Wizard VS The World:
This game is probably best described as the battling part of Pokemon. Things that went well include the story, basic idea, and difficulty. Things that didn’t go well would be the graphics (though they aren’t terrible imo), and the user interface.

Game count: 1

A Game Appears!:
A very basic Simon clone. Nothing too exciting, except the reference to old Dragon Quest games. Things that went well are the simple idea, and the name. Things that didn’t go well are nearly everything else. The layout was meant to mimic old turn-based battle games, but most people didn’t get that and instead tried to interact with the ‘Simon’ object. I’ll return to this game soon to improve the look and feel, and let players give input through the ‘Simon’ object as well as the color buttons. When that’s done, I’ll probably put it on Google Play.

Game count: 2

No link, because this wasn’t actually released. It’s just a simple shooter made in an afternoon for a school project. Not very exciting. I won’t be counting this as a finished game.

Game count: 2

This is getting a new name eventually. PTC was my entry for the #1GAMCRUNCH game jam. The link up there is for the jam version. What went well: the idea, controls, difficulty, wave generation, voice acting. What didn’t go well: the difficulty was too…difficult. And the story was just thrown on top of the game. These problems and more are being fixed, and I have the feeling that this could be one of my best games yet! Instead of counting this for January, I’ll improve it for February.

Final game count: 2.5

That’s my total! I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am with 1GAM!


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