Mr Wizard VS The World Postmortem

What’s this? I’ve made a postmortem less than a week after finishing a game?! This has never happened before!

Mr Wizard was several steps forward and several steps backward for me. First, the steps forward (aka, what went right):

My art has never been great, but looking back over the games I’ve made in my life, I’ve seen some definite improvements. I think the art in Mr Wizard is some of the best I’ve ever done (and a friend agrees with me)! The same goes for music. Normally when making a game for a jam, I’ll leave music until last, or almost last. My reasoning behind that is this: A fun game that looks bad and has no music is better than a boring/bug-filled game that looks and sounds good. My skill with music has never been that good, so I felt that by including music the overall quality of the game would decrease. This time however, I sat down with a tool I had never before used (FL Studio), and managed to get some decent music finished.

Now for the bad (what went wrong). The user-friendliness is not as good as in some of my previous games. Look at this image: screen2Can you tell what is happening? Probably not. I would have liked to give so much more information, hints, etc in the game, but ran out of time.

I do have some plans for a post-compo version. First, more information about what is happening needs to be displayed. Second, there needs to be an indication of which key spawns which monster, and what the cost of each monster is. After that, who knows? I’m planning to do some simple animation, tweak a couple of things, and maybe even what every game needs: an endless mode! If all goes well, I might even try to sell it!

To finish up, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who took part in Ludum Dare 25. I hope to see you all next time!


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