June Jams: The Update

It’s been awhile. And now June is half (more!) over. Here’s a quick update on the game jams I’ve taken part in so far:

7DFPS – Five of the seven days I had were spent messing around in Unity without (good) results. The last two days I decided to start over and use Actionscript/Flash. The result? I made a decent little game with a rather underused idea. I probably won’t continue to work on this, but I deeply enjoyed the time I spent making it, even if it only took two days. 😛 I’ll definitely do something with Unity this year to *really* learn it.

NaGaDeMo – Wow, is it really half over? I’m far behind but enjoying every minute of work! 😀 My basic idea is this: Play as a guy in a wheelchair, as he goes around shooting and blowing stuff up in a 2d retro platformer.

Features I’ve had to cut include:

  • An upgrade system (rocket wheelchair!)
  • Several of the more ‘flashy’ weapons’
  • Large, elaborate levels (Just simple levels for now)

I hope to have a playable demo up sometime this week.Watch this space!

And with that, I’m signing off for some much-deserved sleep.


About jacobwgames

I make and play games.
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