What’s up, June?

June. The sixth month of the year. And a great month for game jams.

To kick things off, we have NaGaDeMo, which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with nagas. NaGaDeMo stands for National Game Development Month, and as you can imagine, the goal is to create an entire game in a month. That month being June.

So with the whole month already covered, you might think that there would be nothing else going on, right? Wrong. We’re game developers. Any excuse to make a game is a good one. There is also 7DFPS (7 Day FPS (First Person Shooter)), based on 7DRL (7 Day Roguelike). The goal of 7DFPS is to liven up an otherwise stale genre and create an FPS in 7 days. That’s also in June.

Andy Moore, an altogether awesome guy, has also announced JAM O’CLOCK, a challenge to make a game in only one hour, simultaneously all over the world. Also in June.

June is going to be a great month, I can already feel it. I hope you’ll consider taking part in at least one of these events, and possibly more!


About jacobwgames

I make and play games.
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